DJ Twinbeatz – Dream Big

posted September 12, 2017

DJ Twinbeatz release their debut smash hit album “Dream Big“, featuring the likes of Pammy Saini, Tej Gill, Tarray Dhillon and many more!!


  1. Husna Di Sarkar (feat. Tarray Dhillon)
  2. Gandasi (feat. Tej Gill)
  3. Wallpaper (feat. Pavvan)
  4. Streets (feat. Simar)
  5. 6 Foot Da (feat. Bhumika Sharma & Kulshan Sandhu)
  6. Snapchat (feat. Pammy Saini)
  7. Bapu (feat. Tej Gill)
  8. Proper Love (feat. GC & Sukhraj)

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