Manj – Manj Musik

posted February 27, 2014

If you didn’t know, Manj the lead vocalist of RDB has split with the group and is pursuing his own solo career! As a treat for his fans he starts off by releasing a brand new album featuring all new material, and you can download it for FREE!


  1. Khuda (feat. Kuly RAL)
  2. Chotan Ishq Diyan (feat. Bakshi Billa)
  3. Aja Mahi (Live Acoustic)
  4. Mashoor
  5. Jagga (Remix) (feat. Bakshi Billa)
  6. Mitra Nu Maar Giya (feat. Sardool Sikander)
  7. Paisa Ik Cheez (feat. Laddi Aujla)
  8. Raathi Neendh
  9. Sachi Gal
  10. Sharabi
  11. Digital Boliyan (feat. Nindy Kaur)

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