Track: Culture Shock – Fire

posted April 4, 2013

Culture Shock trio Sunny Brown, Baba Khan and Lomaticc release their new single Fire. The Canadian super group are renowned for providing the world with the Indian touch to America’s biggest mainstream music stars.

Recently they have split from their record label Universal Island Records due to creative differences, this means that they no longer need to mold their songs to mainstream radio junk you hear every day and can now get back to what they do best and get back to creating the songs that you fans have become accustomed to.

Here’s what Lomaticc has to say about the new track:
“Fire was a blessing of sorts. We were able to just go into the studio and make the music we wanted without succumbing to the “radio sound” the label was pushing. We stressed to the label we built such a huge fan-base with the trademark Culture Shock sound fusing English with Punjabi over our signature hip hop beats so why change the formula? We didn’t get it and decided it was best to part ways giving us total creative freedom. The end result was FIRE, a gritty, Desi-fusion track you just have to play loud!”


Track: Blitz-i feat. Kami Kane – Girl Like That

posted March 20, 2013

Blitz-i is back with the new single ‘Girl Like That’ featuring another young artist who is making his debut, known as Kami Kane. The single is an upbeat dance song which mixes east and west in a whole different way. A unique style with Punjabi and English vocals, it’s something he believes has not been done before.


Video: Zack Knight – Runaway Now

posted March 19, 2013

Check out the brand new single from Zack Knight titled “Runaway Now”.

The new video takes the listener on a journey through their own imagination; waking up in the night to a strange noise and trying to find out where it’s coming from. Be dazzled by the electrifying look between the couple and pay attention to the bracelet in this video so we don’t ruin the ending for you!


Video: Dreamwarriors – Keep It Undercover

posted March 19, 2013

Dreamwarriors, are a 6 piece electro Hip-Hop/R&B Band based in and around London.

They have been playing together now for 6 months and have worked to build up a strong versatile set of material.
The band naturally developed from the original partnership formed between Sunit, and Vocalist ‘Raxstar’ who have worked together for many years.



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