DJ Armz feat. Jeremih & 2Pac – Birthday Sex (Remix)

posted July 6, 2009
Birthday Sex (Remix) DJ Armz feat. Jeremih & 2Pac

DJ Armz releases his own remix of Birthday Sex!!

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  1. reminds me ov premer dhun, churake dil mera and all the other trax remixed with the exact same beat…

    AK July 7, 2009 01:44:13 AM
  2. i am not a hater of this dj but every song he does has to have 2pac or biggie ..i mean come on leave some songs without them …anyways just my opinion it seems like ur obsesses with them or sumthing …but its kool keep doing ur thang

    unknown July 7, 2009 03:15:29 AM
  3. its got u listening innit??.
    i mean if he is obsessed ur still listening.. lol

    yeh i realized its the same beat..

    geeza July 7, 2009 03:41:23 AM
  4. but then again, the others are indian or bengali, this is probably for the ones that havent heard the other beats.

    like white people and stuff..!! lol

    geeza July 7, 2009 03:45:14 AM
  5. yo bruv dj armz has done it again

    mij July 7, 2009 04:30:42 PM
  6. well honestly i didnt even listen to it …as soon as i seen dj Armz i was like 2pac again …and i was write when i seen the whole tittle …so i just pass through to express it that he should try other things …i know his good but i mean com on …

    unknown July 8, 2009 03:42:14 AM
  7. well… it its ‘ birthday sex ‘ i’m sure it will get the ladies going regardless.. good stuff arms.. but what can u say.. Arms = tupac lmao

    Reality July 8, 2009 12:04:01 PM
  8. nice work dude…song was nice but u made it more awesome!!

    uppin for more !!

    fanatic July 8, 2009 05:05:05 PM
  9. this is twisted

    saj July 8, 2009 08:19:01 PM
  10. Hot song i luv it keep bringing da music Dj armz

    baby July 8, 2009 10:07:24 PM
  11. u can tell this tune was made in 10 minutes cos of the hype bday sex is getting. lol

    great work.
    as for dj armz= 2pac hahaha

    well if it aint broke why should he fix it.

    geeza July 8, 2009 11:51:20 PM
  12. if not 2pac, den who else??? dj armz ft pink? dj armz ft britney spears? comon, his beats only suits 2pac stuf. if u dnt want jus 2pac stuf, listen 2 flirty flirty by armz. listen to “watchin time fly”. listen to “me & u” by armz. listen “tummur junno”. comon, ders bares!
    about da beat, i agree. i hav realised hes been usin dis same beat drum on most tunes? but anyhow, aprecipate everyfin. fanks for da tunes man

    jime August 4, 2009 06:06:38 PM

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