Saqib Mazzalova feat. Antony Walters – Only You

posted January 31, 2016
Only You Saqib Mazzalova feat. Antony Walters

After the huge success of his debut single “Take You Away“, Saqib Mazzalova is back with his eagerly anticipated brand new single entitled “Only You” featuring Antony Walters! Available for FREE DOWNLOAD!!

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  1. Love this track

    Annie February 2, 2016 09:36:26 PM
  2. Quite a touching song, deffo my valentines song for my girlfriend

    Jason February 2, 2016 09:37:52 PM
  3. Tune!!!!!! A video must be made with this

    Salma Azam February 2, 2016 09:44:19 PM
  4. Share share share this song

    Hinna Maliki March 30, 2016 08:57:45 PM

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