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DesiDrop is a leading pioneer in the desi music industry and have built a large fanbase for many upcoming artists as well as extend the fanbase of existing mainstream artists. DesiDrop is accessed daily by thousands of desi’s worldwide and is the number one place to keep track of south-asian artists and their music/videos.

DesiDrop v2.0 is now more easily accessible, as we introduced a new mobile friendly interface of our site so that users across the world can keep up with the latest in south-asian music directly from their phones. At the current moment we get around five thousand views per day on the website, a vast majority of them coming from the UK, U.S.A, Canada, India and Pakistan. We believe bringing users a mobile interface will multiply the number of views massively, and could potentially make the total number of views per day reach a million.

As part of the new DesiDrop v2.0 we are aiming to widen the exposure by working exclusively with artists and managements and believe that social media will bring even more visitors to DesiDrop. Your advert could be reached by millions worldwide!

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