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Why should you promote your content on DesiDrop? DesiDrop is a leading pioneer in the desi music industry and have built a large fanbase for many upcoming artists as well as extend the fanbase of existing mainstream artists. DesiDrop is accessed daily by thousands of desi’s worldwide and is the number one place to keep track of south-asian artists and their music/videos.

Our new DesiDrop has changed a lot of things in how we promote artists too, Now we will work exclusively with artists and managements to promote content permitted to be put on our website. The content that you give us does not have to be put up for download and can be made to be listen only, and optionally shown with a “Buy from iTunes” link if you wish. We will also collect statistics on the content, such as number of plays, number of downloads, the countries of those users that accessed your content etc. We will regularly update you on the data analysis of the content.

Our aim is to build a site where users can interact with their favourite artists in some way and where the artists can build their fan base and keep an eye on their progress. We believe DesiDrop v2.0 will change things for the better and keep both the artists and the fans happy.